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Safety first!

To provide safe infrastructure, you need an easy and fast overview of your infrastructure. Structures helps you to keep track of everything around your buildings. any stakeholders care about different aspects during the entire lifecycle of the building - everything is importent for a high saftey standard.
Structures tie the different processes together so that everybody gets the information needed.
It doesn't matter if you're a plan examiner, fire inspector or occupant - with structures, everybody has the required information for efficient work.


Structures for BIM

Keep track of your project - from beginning to end

Constrcuting an new building or even renovating existing buildings is a very complex task that involves many people. Common problems include having different versions of files and not knowing which version is the most up to date.

Strcutures helps all stakeholders to be connected in real time. With our connector, everybody is able to use the software tools they need and put the right information together. Though a custom-fir notification system won't miss any changes affecting your profession.

Prevent problems before they occur!


Structures for fire prevention

Fire prevention is not only about doing annual inspections

To create a safe community, fire inspectors need to have the most current information avaiable. To perform efficient fire inspections and therefore reduce the risk a fire will ever start you should take care of the structure needed and not only what the schedule says. Structures helps you with your community risk assesment and informs you in real time about all changes influencing the safety level. The key to success is sharing all necessary information through all stakeholders - emergency responders, local authorities and the occupants.