fireframework provides you new information

Before you start your FDS, fireframework provides you with more Information to your input file Those include for now your simulationtime and mesh layout.
Did you know you can change the simulation time using our Code Editor? Try it out! 

In addition it's also possible to enable email notifications for each Simulation.
If email notifications are enabled you'll get following Information:

  • Daily overview of your running simulations
  • Email, as soon your simulation starts
  • Email, as soon your simulation changes its status

The email includes a direct link to your simulation's details

firebot recognizes your location using GPS

If you use your smartphone, our firebots reconizes your Location using the GPS Location from the pictures provided through the camera.

Try it out !

Divera 24/7 joined the one community

DIVERA 24/7 is a web-based database for effective and targeted personnel deployment in the areas of civil protection, disaster protection, pre-planned supra-local assistance as well as in cases of peak demand for public security measures.

DIVERA 24/7 records, analyses and visualizes the availability of personnel in firefighting, rescue services, technical relief services and numerous other emergency services.

DIVERA 24/7 helps to optimize the dispositioning work at the control center. Through new disposition strategies, the control center acquires abilities to alert personnel demand-driven and based on real-data DIVERA 24/7 optimizes the deployment levels in an emergency and thus improves the degree of attainment at the protection target