Sustainable Safety for Communities

hhpberlin provides fire safety for cities all over the globe. Daily life is getting more complex and agile – to master these challenges we help customers through our long experience and strong digital solutions.


If people are in danger, urgent help is needed. Digitizing records is the key for more transparent and projectable cities ready for the future. one connects all stakeholders, dedicating themselves to communities’ safety and security. one provides them with a large variety of diverse digital tools for their needs.


Community – API – Relationship – Data. We focus on providing an efficient and validated data dialog. one provides users with different tools for a secure Smart City. one helps them share their information, facilitate collaboration and keep track of all changes. We utilize unified login to provide the users with a fast access to everything they need, quickly and easily. Through standardized interfaces we provide high quality data.


To become connected, Smart Cities need smart technologies. one gets rid of data silos and interconnects all activity. Virtual interfaces between each tool creates a holistic and dynamic project management. one brings together all data so that every stakeholder will benefit.

“To keep pace with the digital transformation you need to revise opinion and open up to new ideas. You need the courage to try out digital products and gain confidence. Only if you are adventurous you are able to do pioneer work.”
Stefan Truthaen, CEO hhpberlin

structures for BIM

Keep track of your project – from beginning to end Constructing a new building or even renovating an existing building is a very complex task that involves many people. Common problems include having different versions of files and not knowing which version is the most up to date. structures helps all stakeholders to be connected in real time. With our connector, everybody is able to use the software tools they need and put the right information together. Through a custom-fit notification system you won’t miss any changes affecting your profession. Prevent problems before they occur! click here for more

structures for fire prevention

Fire prevention is not only about doing annual inspections To create a safe community, fire inspectors need to have the most current information available. To perform efficient fire inspections and therefore reduce the risk a fire will ever start you should take care of the structure needed and not only what the schedule says. structures helps you with your community risk assessment and informs you in real time about all changes influencing the safety level. The key to success is sharing all necessary information through all stakeholders – emergency responders, local authorities and the occupants. click here for more


fireframework helps fire engineers focus on their core business! fireframework is our web-based application that allows you to create fire dynamic simulations of any size and complexity. You only need to focus on your FDS geometry and work with the output data to rate your results – we take care of the rest. In addition we provide you with strong tools to help with managing your projects and functions - even analyzing while the simulation is taking place. click here for more

Tool Radar

Our Tool Radar helps you to find the right solution to solve your problem. We collaborate with different service providers all over the world to create a secure Smart City. All partners are connected through our platform und the solutions interoperate with each other. click here for more

hhpberlin is next generation fire engineering

Founded in 2000 we develop innovative safety concepts for projects of all sizes. Future cities will be intelligent, connected and more secure. We want to support this ongoing change. With one we created a platform to provide smart tools for Smart Cities. Our digital solutions help first responders, safety professionals and government agencies doing their job as every inhabitant living in a safe environment.